The DJ...

Wendell Davis, Jr.

DJ Wendell "Dave" Davis, Sr. provided the music at our daughter's wedding reception back on May 10, 1997, and we were impressed with how he worked the crowd, and his selection of music. He was successful in getting a lot of people up and dancing...! He was great...!

We had no trouble deciding who we wanted as the DJ for our celebration. We contacted DJ Dave just prior to Halloween of 2000, and received an email from him on November 2nd saying he remembered us from our daughter's wedding, and "yes," he would mark us on his calendar.

DJ Dave sent us The Top 200 in the Groove, a listing of 200 top song favorites, some old, some new, and asked us to select those songs we wanted for the evening. Given our extensive knowledge of contemporary pop music, we gulped and sent an email indicating the age range of those invited to our party - young to young-at-heart - and asked that he select the repertoire for our special evening, much as he had done for our daughter's reception. He agreed to do this, and the music for the evening was set.
Just prior to our event I communicated by email with DJ Dave about the secret dance that Barbara and I had been practicing, a routine set to Hernando's Hideaway. This is a 2 minute 23 second tango piece that we had choreographed with all the steps we had learned in a 5-week class on the tango, one Saturday night dance session at the Albany YMCA, and two individual sessions in our home. Our dance was to end with a flourish as the music ended, involving a three-part sequence of the fan, a promenade break, and the corte - all very flashy and sensuous moves - waaay cool, and decidedly tango! DJ Dave agreed to play the music for our secret dance...

On the evening of our celebration, we met briefly with Wendell Davis, Jr., son of DJ Dave, who came in his father's stead. We immediately were struck with how much he resembled his Dad, not only physically, but in personality and bearing. He is a clear chip off the old block, and from the beginning it was clear we were in for the ride of our lives. We weren't wrong - it was deja vu from our daughter's wedding...

Wendell was great, and hit our cue right on the button - the music started, there was a flourish of heels and cape, a rose, and then it was flying feet time...! And, the rest is history...

For those who attended our anniversary soiree who were pleased and impressed with our DJ and are interested in his possible work with an event in your future, you can reach him and his Dad through the following:
Golden West Music & Video Company

Wendell "DJ Dave" Davis, Sr.
Phone: (408) 226.6328 - 24 Hours
Web site:

Full Swing Entertainment
Wendell Davis, Sr.
Phone: (408) 286.0877
Pager: (408) 521.0254