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There are questions that from time to time surface when I'm particularly thoughtful about something. I have my answers to some of them, and sometimes they're personal and angry. But others are questions that challenge us as humankind, and are not specific to me as an individual outside the collective. Some are common sense questions, and elicit the response, "Of course...!" - Others are more pointed and cause for dis-ease. I can only hope they cause us to think more deeply about where we are, especially how we got here, and the path we must follow through to the other side...

Questions Begging Answers:

January 24, 2009:

Fox TV News: No question here ~ Merely statements of the reality of the network...
  • 1. A Black Hole of hatred on the planet.
  • 2. Un-American.
  • 3. Un-Patriotic.
  • 4. Clinically out of touch with reality.
  • 5. A danger to self and others.
  • 6. Intellectually challenged.
  • 7. Emotionally stunted; arrested in childhood.
  • 8. Morally bankrupt.
  • 9. Ethically bereft.
  • 10. Embodiment of evil.
  • 11. Purveyors of fear and mistrust.
  • 12. Character devoid.
  • 13. Without class.
  • 14. Without a clue.
  • 15. Infantile, immature.
  • 16. Integrity devoid.

January 9, 2009:

How without class is it that President George Bush chose to bar the Obama family from using the traditional housing for the President-Elect pending his inauguration requiring the Obama family to use a local hotel...? - Shame on you, President Bush...!

Retrospective: How is it that Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin, both mavericks to the bone, could think they could actually work together as a team...? - Aren't they by nature marching to the beat of their own drummers...?

October 30, 2008:

Isn't it sad that Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin are resorting to such hateful and divisive words and tactics in their final approach in the campaign...? - Of course, it doesn't surprise anyone, does it, that they are following the typical Republican Party tenets and principles that favor the wealthy and powerful over those lesser endowed by station, place, and financial encumbrance...? - The McCain/Palin platform is really based in hatred and scorn for the Joe the Plumber ranks - right...? - Yes, the far right...

October 28, 2008:

I'm wondering why it is that Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin look down so severely on Senator Barack Obama's history as a community organizer. If they are truly Joe Sixpack, Joe the Plumber, and Hockey Mom from Middle America, community organization is a significant part of our history in helping those who are in need of an equalizer in dealing with the power structures that Senator McCain and Governor Palin say they are also against. And, unless I'm mistaken, isn't a significant part of the support both enjoy in their campaign built and staffed with young volunteer community organizers...? - Is it because instead of being really of the people, they are the elite of the Republican Party playing down to the level of the common people...? - Doesn't that explain the $150,000 spent on wardrobes for Governor Palin...?

Is it any surprise with all the hatred Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin have promoted in their stump speeches that two young neo-nazi men planned to carry out an horrendous plan of death and mayhem against African-Americans, ending with a planned kamikaze assault on Senator Barack Obama...? - It doesn't surprise me...

October 24, 2008:

Is it me, or are Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin really so desparate that they have turned to out and out lies and deceit to win support for their campaign...? - How else explain their accusations involving Senator Barack Obama's associations with William Ayers, and stating that Senator Obama is a Muslim associating with known terrorists...? - And, how else explain their statement that Senator Obama's economic plan will take the nation into socialism...? - Haven't we already made that precarious step by nationalizing our financial institutions, and didn't Senator McCain support this move...? - Me thinks the pot is calling the kettle black, if you'll pardon the play on race - er, I mean words...

When you look at the Republican platform for America, what do you see in terms of the value-base of the party...?

I see the following:
  • 1. A campaign based on lies and deceit.
  • 2. An appeal to the base and mean-spiritedness in people.
  • 3. A disrespect for and disparaging of religious beliefs other than Christianity.
  • 4. A disregard for the common humanity of us all.
  • 5. An insidious racial agenda to keep an African-American from the Presidency.
  • 6. Use of misinformation (lies) and misdirection (deceit) to mislead the populace into think their campaign is a model for change.
  • 7. A campaign based on hatred and divisiveness.
  • 8. An orientation of anti-elitism which puts forth mediocracy as the antidote of choice.
  • 9. An economic plan based on the Tinkle Down theory.
  • 10. Two mavericks who are cut of the same cloth as the good ole boys network in Washington.
  • 11. And two political animals who smile all the while they're picking your pocket and your taking your soul.

If Senator Barack Obama's campaign is based on a left-leaning socialist agenda, and Senator John McCain's campaign is the polar opposite, does that make his campaign an ultra-right leaning facist agenda...? - From the sounds of it, it shouldn't surprise anyone if it is, right...? 

October 23, 2008:

How can Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin with a straight face continue to declare they are for the common people, the Hockey Moms, the Joe the Plumbers of our country, because they are the same...? - What does it mean that Senator McCain has 7 homes and 13 cars...? - Or that the Republican party spent $150,000 on clothing for Governor Palin for her race for the Vice Presidency...? - How does this sit with their claims that they are the same, and not among the elite...? - And, more importantly: How is it that the people aren't asking questions of them about this discrepancy...? - Is there something in the water they serve at these campaign gatherings that cloud a person's vision and affect their hearing...?

Is the definition that Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin use for the term elite mean the other guys...? - Why doesn't the fact that Senator McCain owns 7 homes and 13 cars make him one of the elite, and the $150,000 spent on Governor Palin's wardrobe also make her one of the elite...? - Is this political double-speak...? - Me thinks white man speak with forked tongue...!

October 22, 2008:

I'm so glad that recent disclosures point to the sound integrity of Governor Sarah Palin, especially surrounding her dealings with Trooper-gate, and now in her claiming travel and lodging expenses for her children on her official political junkets for the good people of Alaska. It appears that her children were employees of the State of Alaska, joining their honest mother in serving her far-northern state. What more could we ask in character, honesty, and especially in maverick-and-not-the-same-good-old-boys-antics that she and Senator John McCain decry so vehemently about the nation's political culture in Washington...?

Is the recent disclosure that Governor Sarah Palin lied about Trooper-gate and in fact did misuse the powers of her office, and falsified travel documents to include coverage of her children's travel and lodging on some of her political junkets in her capacity as governor, a reflection of her values...? - Of course it is. But then, this isn't a surprise, is it...?

Why are Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin concerned with the character of their opponent in the race for Presidency, Barack Obama, when their own house is in dis-order...? - Why, when Governor Palin has been found guilty of a misuse of her powers as Governor, and falsifying travel documents to claim coverage for travel and lodging for her children on her political junkets, why are they so intent on impugning the character of Senator Barack Obama...?

So, this is what a maverick looks like...! - But how do I tell her from the hacks of the good ole boy's network in Washington she and Senator John McCain vilify so handily...?

October 21, 2008:

Isn't it about time for Senator John McCain to pull his October Surprise out of his hat...? - What will it be this time around, do you suppose...? - Another latter-day Willie Horton to emphasize Senator Barack Obama is soft on crime - a small nuclear device set off in the Middle East by one of our very own clandestine black ops to necessitate a military response by the United States, thus highlighting the war heroics of one John McCain - or, has the current resident of the White House secretly been hiding Osama Bin Laden to be brought forth just before the election to bolster his failing ratings and boost the presidential campaign of Senator John McCain...? - Nothing would surprise me, would it you...?

October 19, 2008:

I said a few days ago that I thought Senator John McCain was an honorable man - I was wrong. How is it that a man who prides himself as being a man of principle and a straight talker, how has he fallen so low as to perpetrate the kinds of nasty campaign tactics as he has in the past month...? - Honor has taken a backseat to win by any means, a We gotta win, we gotta win, let's cheat...! mentality with lies, deceipt, avoiding dealing with real issues, use of misdirection, and obfuscation of incredible proportions. Where is that other guy...?

When Senator John McCain speaks about the economy, he is in fact following the policies of the current occupant of the White House - it isn't in reality a workable economic theory that he touts - it is magical thinking, which is infantile in development, and is more a Tinkle Down theory. How can he in good conscience say he is for the people with this policy...? What does this offer to the middle class working folks and the poor...?

When Senator John McCain takes offense and objects to Democrat Representative of Georgia John Lewis' associating the McCain/Palin campaign with the hatred of Governor George Wallace of Alabama of the '60s, what did he think would happen when he and his running mate, Sarah Palin, stir underlying racial hatred amongst their constituency...? - Me thinks the Senator doth protest too much...!

Senator John McCain claims that he has repudiated the hateful shoutings of constituents at his campaign rallies directed at Senator Barack Obama, but I've watched his responses - his pussy cat objections are little more than feeble protestations. If he were serious in his claim, why doesn't he shout down these hateful supporters with pit bull tenacity, and in clear and forceful words repudiate their hatred...? And failing to stop them in their hate spewing, ask security to remove them from his party...? - I didn't see any serious repudiation on his part, and isn't he big on calling on Senator Barack Obama for repudiating his associations with William Ayers...? 

Senator John McCain casts himself as guardian of the middle class, people like Joe the Plumber, and Hocky Mom Sarah. Hmmm, that's curious...! - How many people do you know in the middle class who own seven homes...? - Or as many as 13 cars...? - Which middle class is he referring to, do you suppose...? - It wouldn't be the rich upper upper upper middle class on the other side of the tracks from our section of town...?

October 16, 2008:

Wanna know why Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin are attacking Senator Barack Obama so intently...? - Is it because they have no answer to the questions about their ties and committment to the policies of the Republican party, those that have dominated the Presidency of George W. Bush for the past 8 years...? - And, is it because it is easier to aim the focus on lies and misinformation and untruths about Senator Obama, to stir fears and division, than to speak straight talk to the people about the economy and the future of our country...? - Is this the kind of values we want in our top executives, this kind of leadership by deception, to lead us out of the morass created by 8 years of the Bush regime...? - Isn't it about time for a regime change in this country...?

October 15, 2008:

I think Senator John McCain is an honorable man, but obviously not in control of his own campaign, and definitely out of the loop on the value base of his run for the Presidency. How is it that Governor Sarah Palin breaks her lipsticked pitbull leash and attacks Senator Barack Obama so viciously that Senator McCain has to back peddle and do damage control...? - It shows that others are in control of her campaign, and their agenda is not necessarily the truth or honor or doing what's right - it is definitely to win the White House at whatever cost, truth and honor and the right be damned...! - Again, is that surprising given the past 8 years...?

October 14, 2008:

Doesn't it scare you that Governor Sarah Palin can't read...? - She reportedly read the investigative report on her possible involvement in Trooper-gate and came away saying that the report absolved her of any illegal or ethical wrong-doing...! - Not a surprise given she's on the Republican ticket, but really scary...!

October 13, 2008:

Isn't a pitbull, even with lipstick, still just a pitbull...? - And, why would you want such an ugly pug as this as the face of the nation put forward to the rest of the world...?

October 12, 2008:

Senator John McCain should shoulder full responsibility for the angry vitriol and hatred directed toward Senator Barack Obama engendered by his running mate, Governor Sarah Palin. Her vile tactics have brought out the worst in human behavior, as seen in the angry and hateful remarks of her supporters, including threats on the life of Senator Obama. She has played the race card in her attacks on his character, while mouthing platitudes of loving this country and being of and for the people. While Senator McCain has sought to temper what Governor Palin has caused, he has to have known from the beginning of his nasty campaign that this would be the result. He should have known - and if not, what a flaw in his character...! - Again, what happened to the Straight Talk Express...? - Why did Senator McCain launch such a vile campaign...? - What happened to the principled war hero who loved this country...? - How did he come to stoop so low...? - Is it because he isn't the maverick he has so proudly proclaimed to be, but instead is cut of the same vile cloth as his predecessors of the Republican Party...?

October 11, 2008:

Senator John McCain isn't a very good judge of character - not if you look closely at his choice for his running mate, Governor Sarah Palin. Did he pick her because she was a pretty face who acted the role of maverick...? He clearly missed that she fills the very same shoes of the Good Ole Boy's network and the Washington insiders that she's protested so much...! - And, she's a hate monger, too - How did he miss that in his vetting of her...?

At one time I thought highly of Senator John McCain, and once entertained the thought of voting for him. Here was a man of principle, honest and dedicated, and for the most part as he described himself, a straight talker. What ever happened to that man...?

It appears he was bedazzled by the spectre of a beautiful siren, by one he believed held to the same principles to which he has dedicated his whole political life, but who time has revealed as one who speaks with a forked-tongue, luring one to destruction on the rocky shores of hate...! - Damn, she does a good job of that...! - And she is pretty...

Do we want a Pitbull in the office of Vice President or the President, with or without lipstick, with the current state of her intellectual development backed by so little mastery and understanding of modern science and the nature of the real world...?

The level of mental development and grasp of science and the real world of my grandchildren exceed her grasp of such things - sad, that, and very scary...!

The way Governor Sarah Palin would have it, it's OK for us to want, and to have, a President and Vice President who are less than elite in their professions - what makes it so attractive to their followers and supporters that this would mean these offices would be filed by the mediocre, the common, and the average...?

Doesn't it make more sense to have the best, the brightest, and the most intelligent and intellectually sound in the offices of President and Vice President ...? - That's what I prefer, but then maybe I'm one of the elite for wanting it so...

October 10, 2008:

How is it that at the recent rallies and campaign stops for Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin that the people have voiced more and more angry hate messages directed at their opponents...? - And is it any wonder that the call to kill him is one of the angry hate-filled threats voiced...?

No, it is by the design of Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin that such taunts are coming forth, for they have played the race card to their advantage, have encouraged the flood of angry responses, and to their discredit have not put a stop to it...! - So, what happened to the Straight Talk Express...? - I guess Senator Barack Obama and his running mate have been asked to step to the back of the bus...!

Isn't it interesting that Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin are appealing to racial fears and  accusations of complicity and palling around with terrorists in their campaign...? - What derailed the Straight Talk Express that it does this, rather than addressing the issues that concern the people...? - Do we really want a driver in the country's driver seat who can't steer a straight course in his own campaign...?

No surprise, really - they stand on a platform steeped in racism and deceipt, on favoring of the fiscal elite of the country, and on division and the good old boys system...! - And they say they are the candidates who are for the people...!

October 9, 2008:

When Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin denigrate Senator Barack Obama as one of the eastern elites, while putting themselves forward as just folks, a friend of Joe Sixpack, and regular old hockey moms, they're really saying it's ok to not be the best in your field, the cream of the crop, the most qualified for the task at hand. - But wouldn't you want the elite rather than the lesser qualified when you consider the Navy Seals, pilots for the Air Force Thunderbirds flying team, World Series champions, the Super Bowl champions, your financial advisor, your children's teachers, our U.S. Olympic athletes, and as an employer wouldn't you want your employees to be the best in their area of skills and expertise...?

You would think so, wouldn't you...! - And add to that list, the President of the United States...

Why are Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin playing the race card, stirring fear amongst their supporters about an African-American being elected President of the United States...?

Is there any question that they are at heart racist, and wish to sway the uncommitted and undecided voters, their party's base...? - For them, this better than facing the issues that burden the populace...!

October 8, 2008:

Martin Luther King, Jr. once spoke of his dream that one day his children would be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character - Do you think Barack Obama will be judged by this standard in a few weeks...?

I truly hope so - I dream of a nation that rises to fulfill Dr. King's dream. This election should be about the highest content in character...!

I wondered if this election would be about color. Isn't it interesting that Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin have shown their true colors by their ongoing campaign of negative attacks, much of which has to do with color...? - You'd better believe it...!

October 7, 2008:

Governor Sarah Palin mis-quoted Madelaine Allbright's statement taken from a Starbuck's coffee cup by saying, There's a place in hell reserved for women who don't support other women...! Should women mindlessly and in lockstep support other women...?

No, not necessarily - Especially not if the woman is a facist...!

Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin have stepped up their negative campaigning, targeting Senator Barack Obama and his running mate, Joe Beiden. Why do you suppose they're doing this rather than addressing the issues in this campaign...?

Is it because they know in their heart of hearts that their essential message, and that of their party, is little different than the horrendous record of the past 8 years...?

October 2, 2008:

Given the quality and state of Sarah Palin's comprehension of science and technology, does she believe that Adam and Eve were white, blond, and blue-eyed...? - And was the Garden of Eden gated and restricted...? - And, does she believe that it wasn't a snake that tempted the two innocents, but a donkey...?

Why is it that when terrorists strike, they follow-up with some indication of their involvement and responsibility for their dastardly actions, but when our government drives the country to the brink of ruin, our distinguished leaders place fault and blame on their opponents...?

Why is that, I wonder...?