GrandFather's Day ~ 3 & 4

May 29, 2004 ~ September 24, 2004

That's No. #3 and #4...!

Once again stealth played a part in an exciting moment - Diana posed the question to me while we were visiting the family in May, "Jiichan, what would you think of sharing your birthday with another grandchild...?" - Thus was announced that our little girl was going to have a second child, this time around my birthday, and the birthday of my first grandson, Casey Benjamin. As it turns out, this child is a boy - Venice, now 2 and a half, will have a little brother, and I will have a second grandson...! - That's the wee bonny lad below on the left in a photo at the end of August - Hmmm, I can no longer say Casey is my favorite grandson...

Not to be outdone, our other offspring, Paul, dropped a similar message on us during a dinner visit one recent Friday - the photo below on the right was wrapped nicely and handed to Barbara - this not being her birthday, or any other occasion warranting a present, we neither of us knew what the deal was - when she opened the package, she exclaimed, "Oh, mygod...! - Oh, mygod...!" - Me, I was totally in the dark....When she showed me the photograph, it was pretty clear immediately the message intended - and the pink ribbon says it all...

GrandFather's Day

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