GrandFather's Day.

June 24, 2001

That's No. #2...!

On the day after Father's Day we were informed by number one son that he and Tori had failed to remember the event, and could this be made up by taking us out to dinner some time...? - Of course, said I, and a date was set at Rivoli's on Solano Avenue in Berkeley for Sunday evening, June 24th. As we were seated, and just before the waiter arrived to take our order, Tori handed me an envelope with the following enclosed, indicating it was for a belated Father's Day - not quite making the connection between the card's image and Father's Day, I opened the card thinking the joke would be made clear. Would you believe it...? - Miracle of miracles, joy of joys, and holy of smoke, but we're going to be Granny and Jiichan...!

GrandFather's Day